We catered the Sussex County Ploughing Match


We had a great time catering for the participants and spectators at the Sussex County Ploughing Match held at Strood Farm in Petworth on the weekend of 20 October 2018.

What would the harvest season be without a bit of good-hearted competition? Most of us are familiar with the giant vegetable contests where farmers show off unusually large specimens of everything from cabbages to tomatoes.

Perhaps lesser known, though no less exciting, are ploughing matches. Ploughing matches are held in counties across the UK. The winners will then compete in an annual national championship, hosted by the Society of Ploughmen.

There are many different classes from horse-drawn ploughing to vintage and modern machines.

Ploughing matches are great fun to watch and are usually accompanied by a range of other stalls, trade stands, entertainment and events, creating a great country fair atmosphere.